Assisted Living Concepts CEO Dismissed

May 30, 2012

May, 30 2012. Last night, Laurie Bebo was terminated as CEO of Assisted Living Concepts and replaced, on an interim basis, by Board member Charles (Chip) Roadman, a former president of the American Health Care Association. A leadership change was certainly necessary, but the lingering question is why did it take so long? Was not Ms. Bebo doing what the Board of Directors wanted her to do? And does the Board not take any responsibility for what has been happening around the country at ALC's communities. It is supposed to be the watchdog, and the problems have been well documented (by us) for a few years. The Board was either asleep at the helm or in agreement with the management style and tactics of Ms. Bebo. Unfortunately, the change may be too little, too late, but better late than never. It will just be even more difficult to right the ship. On the positive side, it may be easier to sell the company if they still want to go down that path.


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