Assisted Living Concepts Soars

April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008
Four weeks ago, when we wrote that Assisted Living Concepts was just too cheap to ignore when it briefly dropped below $5.50 per share, we wondered whether anyone was listening (or reading).

Well, someone has made some serious money, because since our comments in late March and our lead story in the April issue of The SeniorCare Investor, the stock has soared, hitting $7.56 per share today, or 38% higher than when it dipped down to $5.46 per share on March 26. Can it go higher? Probably, but now it will be more dependant on what the company's first quarter results look like. If overall occupancy has declined since the end of last year, and if the private pay census has not improved, then we would expect a sell-off. But then the whole cycle could begin again, with money to be made by all!


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