Center for Technology & Aging

The Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) is a national leader in the use of patient-centered technologies for older adults. They work with health care providers, aging service organizations, payers, foundations and technology companies to enable them to accelerate the deployment of proven technologies.

Advances in information technologies, coupled with the rapid expansion of health information and data analytics, have created unprecedented opportunities for improving self-management of chronic disease; increasing work force efficiency; improving communication and coordination of care between providers, caregivers, and older adults; and reducing the costs of care.

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David Lindeman, The Center for Technology and Aging
David Lindeman joined CITRIS in 2013. In addition to his role as Director of Health Care at CITRIS, he also serves as the Director of the Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) and Co-Director of the Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health (CITPH), in partnership with the Public Health Institute. CTA is a national research and resource center that focuses on the development and scaling technology-enabled programs that improve the Read More
Director, Health Care, CITRIS