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Collaborative Consulting was created with the intention of bringing individuals and healthcare organizations together to accelerate change, enhance services, and expand offerings through the vehicle of partnership. Via partnering and collaboration with others, an expansion in expertise and progressive business results are created.

They provide leadership, guidance, and facilitation to identify and enhance your services, business structures, and relationships. They will assist you in transitioning your business to the next level in the current dynamic and evolving healthcare environment.

Their focus is on providing the opportunities, connections, strategy and development, along with step-by-step support, in generating results and clarifying new roles within the changing healthcare system.

Collaborative Consulting's team is comprised of a variety of advisors and consultants. They work to bring many areas of expertise together leading to the best fit for client progress and solutions. Their collective years of varied experience allow them to bring diversity and depth to your business needs.

They offer progressive solutions and supportive structures to assist you in moving towards effective organizational functioning in a constantly evolving healthcare environment. They help organizations advance to the next level, navigate through change, and improve upon services in a manner that is specifically tailored to your organization’s values, existing structure, mission, and strategy.

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Lori Peterson, Collaborative Consultant
Lori Peterson has been involved in the healthcare industry for over 22 years with a honed expertise in post –acute and long term care. She has served in several capacities including business development, strategic partnerships, operations, training, and development. She is active in the aging services community and highly motivated to improve and foster progressive change within elder care. She has numerous affiliations and established Read More
Founder, Collaborative Consulting