Retirement Housing Foundation

RHF was founded in 1961 by two United Church of Christ clergy and a layman with a vision of providing quality housing and services for seniors.

With $7,000 and that vision they launched what has become one of the nation's largest non-profit providers of housing and services for older adults. The mission has also expanded to include persons with various disabilities and low income families.

Today more than 17,000 persons live in our 165 communities. When I visit with them I frequently hear from them that they enjoy a better quality of life than they would have had without RHF and the communities we provide.

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911 N. Studebaker Road
Long Beach
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Laverne Joseph, President and CEO of Retirement Housing Foundation
Dr. Joseph has served as the President & CEO of RHF since July 1987 and prior to that, he served for a year on the Board of Directors of the organization. In his leadership position, Dr. Joseph is responsible for the implementation of board policies, for collaborating with the Board of Directors and senior staff to develop the RHF strategic plan, and for monitoring that plan. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of RHF Management, Inc., and Read More
President & CEO, Retirement Housing Foundation