Wilmac Corporation

WILMAC, based in York, Pennsylvania, is a leading regional provider of senior services across many different levels of care.

Founded in 1957, WILMAC Corporation’s objectives are to provide for comprehensive adult lifestyle needs through a quality continuum of care and to obtain the highest levels of integrity and competency from employees.

Perhaps what is most unique about our history is the role that family (in both the literal and the corporate sense) has played and will continue to play in our existence.  In essence, we truly are a family of people and services dedicated to assisting other families with real-life situations.

At WILMAC, you can choose from several types of senior living options – from independent living to personal care to skilled nursing. You can enjoy a variety of residences, rehabilitative services, amenities and residential opportunities in some of the most beautiful locations ever.

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Vice President of Finance of McWil Group, Ltd./Wilmac Corporation