eHealth Sector - Health Care Merger & Acquisition Deals on Demand

eHealth Sector - Merger & Acquisition Transactions
eHealth Sector - Merger & Acquisition Transactions

eHealth Sector - M&A Transactions Spreadsheet


The eHealth Sector - Merger & Acquisition Transactions Spreadsheet provides you with 2 years of vital details of publicly announced eHealth mergers and acquisitions over a consecutive two year period in an Excel spreadsheet format.  Everything you need to know about the recent eHealth merger and acquisition market is at your fingertips - deal prices, deal terms, financial performance of acquisition targets and critical valuation figures like price/revenue and price/EBITDA multiples, when available. Make smart investment decisions that can help grow your business!


Get all this market intelligence and more:

Deal-by-deal transaction data for every announced eHealth deal
All the hard-to-find statistics you need to size up the market today--and tomorrow--including:

    ►Price/revenue ratios
    ►Price/EBITDA ratios



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eHealth Sector - Merger & Acquisition Transactions