The Not-for-Profit Acquisition Report, 2015

The Not-for-Profit Acquisition Report, 2015
The Not-for-Profit Acquisition Report, 2015

Your source for not-for-profit health care merger and acquisition data

An analysis of not-for-profit M&A activity in one report. The Not-for-Profit Health Care M&A Market report (5th edition) gives you the vital facts and figures you need to evaluate a target, assess a health care company's potential asking price, or complete a consulting project.

This comprehensive report gives you quick access to transaction data and key statistics including revenue and EBITDA multiples, charts and graphs on top acquirers, top sellers, biggest deals and more. This unique report will help you gain a valuable perspective into where the market has been, is now, and where it is heading. There's no easier way to get current on the not-for-profit health care M&A market as well as review historic not-for-profit M&A data.


Publication Date: May 2015 - Order This Newest Edition


Get vital market intelligence, insight and more!
Deal-by-deal transaction data for the year's publicly announced not-for-profit merger and acqusition deals through January 1, 2015
All the hard-to-find statistics you need to size up the market today--and tomorrow--including:

    ►Price/revenue ratios
    ►Price/EBITDA ratios
    ►Key facts on buyers, sellers and executive contacts

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The Not-for-Profit Acquisition Report, 2015