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January 26, 2011

60 Seconds With Steve Monroe 

January 26, 2011. Although "Card Check" legislation may have been Dead on Arrival in Congress, the National Labor Relations Board wants to sidestep the legislative process.



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Enjoyed it

I enjoyed this commentary Steve!

Great information

Steve, Keep up the great work! You blog is a true service for those of us who need to keep are finger on the pulse of the senior housing industry. Warmest regards, Tom

National Labor Relations Board

Actually, Steve, you have it exactly backwards. The NLRB is threatening to sue the states in order to preserve the legislative process, not sidestep it. The National Labor Relations Act is the federal law, passed and amended by Congress numerous times, which governs private sector labor relations in our country. State law is pre-empted by federal law. How do you think it would work if we had 50 different laws governing labor relations for companies with operations across state lines. Or think of it another way: you object to the NLRB challenging states that passed constitutional amendments prohibiting card checks. Would you feel the same way if states passed constitutional amendments requiring card checks, and the NLRB went to court to have those overturned? Somehow I don't think so. I think your real objective is to defeat unions, not to protect the legislative process, the rule of law, or even the sanctity of the secret ballot.

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