Seniors Housing Weekly Update - Thoughts on Home Health Care Costs

September 13, 2011

60 Seconds With Steve Monroe 

September 13, 2011. The home health care industry provides a wonderful and much-needed service to the elderly market, but misleading marketing ploys can be damaging to its cause, as we saw in a recent example...



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The good news is that anyone with any intelligence would know this is a flawed comparison. The person just hurts their company by making such obviously incorrect statements.

HH Costs vs AL and SNF

Great commentary and an important reality check.

HHC costs vs AL and NH

I am totally behind you on this. Home Health Care (non-health care) can NOT be compared to AL or NH services because they don't cover the same services, apple to apple. By trying this in their marketing to sway prospects, they will ultimately be shooting themselves in the foot when the prospects finally do the math. Sadly, it usually isn't until after they've signed on for care that realize their mistake.

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