Seniors Housing Weekly Update-- Changes Coming at Assisted Living Concepts

July 17, 2012


July 17, 2012. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. Interim ALC CEO Dr. Chip Roadman discusses future plans.......


Changes Coming at Assisted Living Concepts
Two weeks ago, the interim CEO of Assisted Living Concepts, Dr. Chip Roadman, hosted his first informational conference call on some of the changes at ALC. Without admitting low staffing, poor food quality and other issues that were plaguing the company, he did say that they are hiring more nurses, beefing up staffing in general and hiring in the food service area. This is all welcome news. But he also mentioned that the Quality Committee of the board recognized that they needed some outside advice to help them make some improvements. But our question is, what was this committee doing for the past three years? Most likely not meeting and not reading local papers. Expenses will increase, and he stated that if they are going to be in the private pay mode, they have to staff at private pay delivery levels. Consequently, those industry-leading operating margins are about to drop, as they should.  But please, Chip, when referring to your customers, it is very old school to call them “patients” in senior living.  They are called residents. Welcome to the new world of resident-centered service and care.


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Senior Living

Thanks for your post... You make a few really great points that I have to agree with. The whole point of living in a senior community is so that they still have their independence right? Well if they're considered "patients" then is that really what they are? No, they are residents. I am currently living with my 92 year old Grandfather, and I know that he would absolutely hate to hear something like this! This is exactly WHY he is set on never leaving his home. I always tell him that they're really only there when you need them, but he's heard other stories that he can't seem to get out of his mind. I also work with senior citizens every day, helping them cover the out of pocket gaps brought on by government Medicare. It is extremely important to me that I am well educated on this subject so that I can help my clients out however I possibly can! Thanks again for sharing, you have an excellent blog. If you ever get the opportunity, feel free to check out our brand new website. We'd really appreciate any type of feedback that you may have! Keep up the good work.

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