Seniors Housing Weekly Update - What Matters at a CCRC

March 26, 2013


March 26, 2013. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. Spending time in a CCRC provides a window into resident thinking.

What Matters at a CCRC

I just spent the past five days in what I would call a modest upscale CCRC, and while I’m not quite ready to check in permanently, there are some observations that can be made. First off, it’s all about the food, stupid. A year ago, the residents were very happy with the quality and the variety, but after listening one night to three couples complain about it, followed by a below average entrée I ordered, which went mostly untouched by the 90-year resident next to me, well you know the complaints were not idle. Two nights before my meal was fine. You need consistency. And then there is the staff. Probably the most well-liked member of the dining room staff was suddenly gone after 10 years. They all loved her, she handled their every problem and greeted their visiting family members like long-lost relatives. You should have heard the rage about her departure. These are what distinguish a good CCRC from a great one. And as Margaret Wylde likes to say, your residents are your best sales force. But if they’re not happy, well, watch out. And CEOs, please stay in your communities, preferably undercover, and see what you will learn.



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