Seniors Housing Weekly Update -- CNAs vs. Football

April 16, 2013


April 16, 2013. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. Football players may get more concussions, but at least they are paid more for their injuries. The number of unfilled CNA jobs is only going to grow.

CNAs vs. Football

So, what is more punishing to the human body, playing professional football or working in a skilled nursing facility? Apparently, there is not too much difference in terms of missing work from injuries or needing to find another line of work. The real difference, of course, is the rate of pay. Monday’s Wall Street Journal laid it out in black and white. Why would you toil away in a job that pays slightly higher than the minimum wage, where your customers (the residents) sometimes throw food at you, yell at you, bite you, and where you may have to work extra shifts and on Holidays whether you want to or not. And let’s not forget the pulled muscles. True, many people in the industry say it is a calling, but I am not sure how many people are “called” to be CNAs. Sounds more like an excuse for the low wages currently paid. But can the wages really go up? Not with cuts in Medicare and stagnant Medicaid reimbursement. So we have high unemployment, but apparently 11,000 CNA jobs are unfilled nationwide, and an age wave that’s growing by the year. How else do you spell disaster?



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