Seniors Housing Weekly Update - New State Ranking For Skilled Nursing Facilities

September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. You may be surprised which states came out on top, and which states were at the bottom.

New State Ranking For Skilled Nursing Facilities

If you want to buy or sell a skilled nursing facility, you may want to tune in to our webinar this Thursday. But if you know someone who is moving into a skilled nursing facility, there was a new report that came out ranking all 50 states based on staffing hours and deficiencies, both the absolute number as well as severe deficiencies. And the number one state for skilled nursing performance? Alaska, if you can find one. Three New England states, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine, made it in the top 10, as well as North and South Dakota. The one common theme of the top 10 is that they are low population and low density states. And the worst states? Texas and Louisiana were at the bottom, with Indiana, New York, Michigan and Illinois joining them in the bottom 10. It turns out that Alaska was tops with an average of three hours and 33 minutes of direct care staff hours per day (no outdoor breaks there), while Illinois and Nevada had the lowest at less than two hours and eight minutes. And who ranked last in terms of percentage of deficiency-free facilities? Washington, D.C, with not one. No surprise there.



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