Seniors Housing Weekly Update - Another Successful ASHA Meeting

January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. Why I always travel far for the annual ASHA meeting.

Another Successful ASHA Meeting

So, why do people flock to the annual meeting of the American Seniors Housing Association? It’s never easy getting on a plane in the middle of January, at least if you are in the northern third of the country, but the ASHA meeting, which just ended yesterday, always gives you a chance to sit down with your peers in a more relaxed atmosphere and really find out what’s going on. Not just the deals and financings they are doing, but what they really think about the business, about what changes will be coming, about what changes should be coming but may not be for one reason or another, and about the people running the companies. All off the record, of course, but industry professionals seem to be more willing to open up at the annual meeting, and even though it has grown larger over the years, it is still small enough that you can find the people you want to see. And usually, they are all there. Whether it is the round table discussions – valuation trends is always my favorite, or course – or the capital markets update or the keynote speaker, I always have takeaways that help me in what I do. So thank you David Schless for running a great organization that does so much for the seniors housing industry with such a small staff. See you next year.



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