Seniors Housing Weekly Update - ALFA Is Changing Course

June 24, 2014


June 24, 2014. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe. After the proposed merger between ALFA and ASHA was aborted, ALFA has decided to re-brand and implement the One Voice initiatives...

ALFA Is Changing Course

By now, everyone should know that Rick Grimes will be retiring from ALFA and that ALFA will be starting a re-branding campaign. In addition, several Board members of ASHA who were pushing for the merger of ALFA and ASHA earlier this year have now joined, and in some cases, rejoined ALFA, and we assume they will remain ASHA members. It appears as if the leadership at ALFA is embarking on all the changes that were supposed to be part of the merger of the two organizations, called the One Voice initiative. Although some of these initiatives were among the reasons why some ASHA members were not in favor of the proposed merger, we hope that the fact that ALFA is moving ahead with all the initiatives will not drive a wedge between the two groups and their respective boards. The senior living industry does not need squabbles among its executives regarding the best way to go about their business. They need to work together, align their interests and minimize any duplication of their efforts since the two groups will remain separate for now. Let’s hope bruised egos will heal quickly, as they should, and that everyone remembers what is important, which is serving your customers.  



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