Seniors Housing Weekly Update - Medicaid Managed Care Coming To You

May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015. 60 Seconds with Steve Monroe.

The skilled nursing community had better get ready for the managed care tsunami...

Medicaid Managed Care Coming To You

Is now the time to talk about Medicaid managed care? When managed care first entered the skilled nursing world, it was viewed as somewhere between private pay and Medicaid, but closer to the former in terms of daily rates. But that was in its infancy, and that was not involving Medicaid managed care plans. States are getting slammed with the expansion of Medicaid enrollees, and when the federal government’s commitment to cover the additional costs begins to decrease next year, watch out. The managed care companies will be very different from state Medicaid agencies. It will depend how it plays out, but these Medicaid managed care companies will need to make a profit on whatever funds they receive. That means rates may be less than the current Medicaid rates, they may monitor quality more closely than states do, and skilled nursing providers will have to increasingly be on top of costs, as if that hasn’t been the reality for years. If you are as worried about the impact of Medicaid managed care on skilled nursing facilities as I am, join us on June 4 as an expert panel will be discussing the risks to providers and lenders and how to prepare for them.


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