Senior Housing Properties Trust Snags Vi Communities

September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011. Senior Housing Properties Trust announced late today that it has agreed to purchase nine rental retirement communities, now known as Vi...

but formerly known as Classic Residence by Hyatt, for a price of $478 million, or $215,000 per unit.  When the transaction closes in the fourth quarter, they will be leased to a taxable subsidiary of SNH and managed by Five Star Quality Care.  More details to follow in the September issue of The SeniorCare Investor.


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Classic Residence by Hyatt

I noticed in the last three years that the Hyatt name for senior living has go down.. The meals are not the same the quality is not the same. The employees are not the same, the cleanliness is not the same,,, all around I beleive thats why they changed the name.. I am glad someone bought the Hyatt name it is like a motel 6 here in Florida... Carpet tiles looks like a airport not swenior living, after i brought my mother in ,6 years ago it turned into a nursing home not senior living... Thank god somone bought them

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