Brookdale Buys Emeritus

Senior Care Archived Content

February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014. The $2.8 billion deal to merge the two industry giants is not a match made in Heaven.


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Your video

Steve You are exactly correct. Thank you for being honest. I am your friend. Mari Jo Grace

The Peter Principle

Steve: You are right on ! Working toward my MBA- Finance at USC, I took a class from Prof. Lawrence Peter, author of the Peter Principle: "An organization has a tendency to grow to the level of its own incompetency". Take Marriott as an example. Having interviewed a number of Marriott expatriates, their management philosophy was that they would succeed by applying hospitality values to Senior Living - they could not get enough good managers who understood the healthcare aspect of what we do...lesson learned. The upside here ? I suspect we'll have more than a few Emeritus facilities for sale shortly !

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