Skilled Healthcare To Court: Not So Fast

August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010
In a surprising development, Skilled Healthcare Group has filed a motion for a mistrial in its case regarding understaffing at its 22 skilled nursing facilities in California

where a jury verdict came in last month with a $671 million award.  The company alleges that one of the jurors was a former medical examiner who was acquainted with one of the plaintiffs and at least one of the skilled nursing facilities named in the trial.  Additional allegations against the juror include that she answered nine questions falsely on her juror questionnaire.  If true, the judge will not have much choice but to throw out the verdict, which is very positive news for Skilled Healthcare Group.  The company's shares shot up 36% to $3.40 today on trading of 2.7 million shares by early in the afternoon.  What is not known is whether the plaintiffs will want to start all over again.     


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Very interesting article.

Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

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