Grace Management

Grace Management, Inc. was established in 1984 to develop, manage, and market int_graceManagementLogoresidential communities for seniors.  While the core of their business is third-party senior housing management, they also offer operational and marketing consulting services, and have completed many operational studies and reviews for various types of senior housing communities.


Grace Management, Inc. consistently demonstrates a successful balance between delivering quality senior living environments, fulfilling workplaces and excellent financial returns.  They recognize the culture of a community is created by the combined influences of the residents, their families, and on-site staff.  Grace Management acknowledges and utilizes the unique experiences and contributions of each resident and staff member so that there is a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle for both residents and staff.  Their focus on customer satisfaction and staff success, in addition to their operational and marketing expertise, is what differentiates them and and enables them to achieve the desired financial returns.

Contact Information

Street:   6225 42nd Avenue North
City:   Minneapolis
State:   MN
Zip Code:   55422
Phone Number:   763-544-9934