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NORWALK, CT – July 7, 2015 –
Irving Levin Associates, Inc. will host an important webinar— Your Best Senior Living Financing Option: Fixed-Rate, Floating, or REIT—on Thursday, September 17, 2015, at 1:00 PM ET. The webinar is part of the Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series.

As the supply of capital continues to increase five years after the Great Recession, the options available to senior living providers keeps on expanding. In some ways, it has become a borrower’s market.

Our hand-selected panelists will discuss your best senior living financing options. They will address such topic as: with rates still at historic lows, should you take the risk and continue with low-floaters; if not-for-profit borrowers should give more thought to tapping the HUD market with low, long-term rates; if you should choose the sale/leaseback REIT option given high valuations in the market, instead of choosing to refinance, and more. Panelists will also answer any pressing questions that the audience chooses to submit.

Speakers include: Craig Gulley, Housing & Healthcare Finance, LLC; Erik Howard, Managing Director – Real Estate Finance, Capital Funding, LLC; Imran Javaid, Managing Director, Healthcare Real Estate and Specialty Finance, Capital One; and Jason Smeck, Managing Director, Seniors Housing and Health Care, RED Mortgage Capital, LLC. Nick Gesue, Chief Executive Officer, Lancaster Pollard, will moderate the webinar.

The Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series is produced by Irving Levin Associates, Inc. Founded in 1948, Irving Levin Associates, Inc. is the leading publisher of newsletters, reports and online data on mergers and acquisitions in the seniors housing and health-care industries. Irving Levin Associates invites you to take part in this don’t-miss webinar to learn more about the different senior living financing options.

“Your Best Senior Living Financing Option: Fixed-Rate, Floating, or REIT” is expected to generate a stimulating discussion. If you’re interested in this fascinating topic, then you won’t want to miss the webinar on Thursday, September 17, at 1:00 pm ET.

Please visit or call 203-846-6800 for more information about this interactive webinar.

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