The Ensign Group, Inc.

The Ensign Group, Inc. was formed for the express purpose of meeting the challenges of the long-term care industry in the 21st Century. Led by the country’s finest caregivers, with an aggressive team of industry and business veterans backing them up, Ensign is elevating quality of care to superior levels, and doing it one facility at a time.

The key to this "One-Facility-at-a-Time" philosophy is the combined talents and commitment of Ensign’s experienced and dedicated workforce, particularly our outstanding care staff. These wonderful professionals work each day to make their individual facility the “facility of choice” in the community they serve, and to make each of the lives they touch – patients, families, fellow caregivers and the members of each local healthcare community – better than before.

The Ensign Group hangs its insignia at about 70 senior living facilities in the western US. Most of its facilities (which Ensign either owns or operates under lease agreements) are nursing homes, but it also operates a few assisted-living facilities and has assisted-living wings at some of its nursing centers. Ensign has a decentralized operating structure, with its portfolio of homes organized into five regional operating companies, each with its own management team. In turn, each home operates under local, and largely independent, management.

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