Health Care Deal News- March 19, 2012


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March 19, 2012 Issue:


    1. Recent Health Care M&A Deals 
    2. Catholic Hospital M&A --
      Are Acquisitions Restricting Women's Health Care?
    3. Spotlight on: Medical Devices
    4. Conference Calendar



Recent Health Care M&A Deals





Shire plc

FerroKin BioSciences, Inc.

$325.0 million

Medical Devices




Abcam plc


$155.0 million

Asahi Kasei Medical Co. Ltd.

Zoll Medical Corporation

$2.2 billion

Boston Scientific Corp.

Cameron Health, Inc.

$1.25 billion





Arriva Medical

AmMed Direct

$23.0 million




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Catholic Hospital M&A --
Are Acquisitions Restricting Women's Health Care?

Political rhetoric heated up during February when the GOP claimed that the Obama administration was waging war on religious freedom by requiring certain institutions to pay for contraception for their employees. The countercharge from the Left retorted that the GOP was waging war on women’s control over their reproductive health. This brouhaha set the stage for Catholic hospitals to become ensnared in a larger debate they wanted no part of......Read more 



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Spotlight on: Medical Devices
Although the Medical Device sector saw robust deal volume in February, the (revealed) prices were rather modest.  In the largest deal with a disclosed price, Linden, LLC, a Chicago-based private equity shop, has offered to acquire SeraCare Life Sciences (NASDAQ: SRLS), for $4.00 per share, or $80.4 million. Headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, SRLS provides products and services to facilitate the discovery, development and production of human and animal diagnostics and therapeutics......Read more  

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