Health Care Deal News- November 12, 2012


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November 12, 2012 Issue:


  1. Recent Health Care M&A Deals 
  2. Spotlight on: Biotechnology
  3. Spotlight on: Medical Devices
  4. Webcast Calendar


Recent Health Care M&A Deals





Humana, Inc.

Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc.

$850 million





Crosstex International

SPSmedical Supply Corp.

$32.5 million

 Boston Scientific

 Vessix Vascular

 $125 million





 Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

 Envoy Therapeutics

 $140 million including milestones

Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

EpiCept Corporation

$3.2 million


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Spotlight on: Biotechnology
The biotech sector didn’t report any major transactions in September either.  The largest deal was the sale of Complete Genomics (NASDAQ: GNOM) to China-based BGI-Shenzhen for approximately $117.6 million, or $3.15 per share.  The price represents an 18% premium to the prior day close.......Read more


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Spotlight on: Medical Devices

In one of the largest transactions of the month, Medtronic Inc. (NYSE: MDT) has agreed to purchase China Kanghui Holdings (NYSE: KH) for $30.75 per share, representing a 22% premium.  China Kanghui makes orthopedic implants and associated instruments for trauma, spine and joint reconstruction.  Net of KH’s cash, the transaction value comes to $775 million........Read more

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