Health Care Deal News- November 19, 2012


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November 19, 2012 Issue:


  1. Recent Health Care M&A Deals 
  2. The Health Care M&A Monthly: ObamaCare is Here to Stay
  3. Spotlight on: Hospitals
  4. Webcast Calendar


Recent Health Care M&A Deals

Acquirer Target Price
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. Park Royal Hospital $33.4 million





PerkinElmer, Inc. Haoyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. $38 million
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.   NOX Technologies, Inc.   $12.5 million
Cellular Biomedicine Group EastBridge Investment Group $3.0 million





 Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.

 2 Private Pharmaceutical Companies

 $101 million


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The Health Care M&A Monthly: ObamaCare is Here to Stay
We decided to wait for the election results for the November issue because, if Mitt Romney had won, and with his pledge to repeal “ObamaCare,” no matter how insincere that may have been, the landscape for health care in general, and health care M&A specifically, could have changed significantly.  The level of uncertainty as to who the winners and losers would be would also have risen..........Read more


AVAILABLE NOW - New Sector M&A Reports!
Our team of experts at The Health Care M&A Information Source has been working around the clock to bring you the inside scoop on the latest in the health care M&A market. Our newest M&A reports are loaded with crucial transaction information, current and historic, to help you make smart investment decisions in these health care sectors: Biotechnology; Home Health and Hospice; Hospital; Managed Care; Medical Device; Not-for-Profit Health Care; and Pharmaceutical.


Spotlight on: Hospitals
The health care services segment had an active month with 53 announced transactions for a total of $6.4 billion in disclosed prices. The real activity, however, was in just two sectors: hospitals and long-term care, with 25 deals between them. The hospital market has seen its share of potential mergers and affiliations called off (see the October 2012 issue), partly because of the rush to find a financially stronger partner without fully understanding all the ramifications of such an arrangement, and partly because they may not have made sense in the first place, not to mention other potential partners that may latently express an interest....Read more

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