Health Care Deal News - January 30, 2012


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January 30, 2012 Issue:


  1. Recent Health Care M&A Deals
  2. Spotlight on: Pharmaceuticals
  3. Spotlight on: Long-Term Care
  4. Conference Calendar


Recent Health Care M&A Deals





Amgen, Inc.

Micromet, Inc.

$1.16 billion

Celgene Corporation

Avila Therapeutics, Inc.

$925.0 million

Medical Devices




Roche Holdings AG

Illumina, Inc.

$5.7 billion





Spectrum Pharmaceuticals

Rights to Zevalin (Bayer)

$24.0 million

Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ascent Pharmahealth Ltd. (Strides Arcolab Ltd.)

$396.0 million


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Spotlight on: Pharmaceuticals
Prestige Brands (NYSE: PBH) is acquiring a portfolio of 17 OTC pharmaceutical brands from GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) for $661.6 million. This acquisition, valued at 3.2x 2010 revenue, raises the buyer’s annual revenue from OTC brands to the range of $500.0 million, and total revenue to about $600.0 million...Read more 


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Spotlight on: Long-Term Care
Health Care REIT (NYSE: HCN) is paying $69.2 million to buy Belmont Village Senior Living from Texas-based Belmont Village, LP. The target community provides independent living, assisted living and care for Alzheimer’s patients...Read more


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