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Steve Erwin, BerkadiaSteve Ervin
Senior Vice President

In this “ Expert Opinion” interview, Steve Ervin, Senior Vice President of Berkadia, discusses HUD, refinancing, acquisitions, future goals, and more.......Read More


Alan Plush, Health Trusts LLCAlan Plush
Senior Partner
HealthTrust, LLC

In this “ Expert Opinion” interview, Alan Plush, MAI, Senior Partner, HealthTrust, LLC, discusses the bull market, transaction activity, reimbursement, RUGs, competition, and more......Read More


Imran Javaid, Capital OneImran Javaid
Managing Director
Healthcare Real Estate
Commercial and Specialty Financ
Capital One

In this “ Expert Opinion” interview, Imran Javaid, Managing Director of Health Care Real Estate at Capital One, discusses company size, CCRCs, competition, internal goals, and more.........Read More

Alec Blanc, Regions BankAlec Blanc
Senior Vice President & Team Leader,
Healthcare Banking Group,
Regions Bank

In this “ Expert Opinion” interview, Alec Blanc, Senior Vice President and Team Leader of the Healthcare Banking Group at Regions Bank, discusses HUD lending, loans, future plans, and more......Read More

Jim ShermanJim Sherman
Senior Managing Director,
Red Mortgage Capital, LLC

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Jim Sherman, Senior Managing Director of Red Mortgage Capital, LLC, discusses refinancing, loans, new banks in the market, and more...…Read More




Dan MadsenDan Madsen
CEO and Chairman,
One Eighty

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Dan Madsen, CEO and Chairman of One Eighty, discusses seniors housing at different price points, development opportunities overseas, making senior living fun for residents, and more…Read More


Bill Kauffman Bill Kauffman
Managing Director- Seniors Housing,
Oak Grove Capital, Inc.

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Bill Kauffman, Managing Director at Oak Grove Capital, discusses HUD lending, Fannie, Freddie, interest rates and more…Read More


Cathy VoreyerCathy Voreyer
Managing Director,

Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Cathy Voreyer, Managing Director of Wells Fargo, gives insight into the seniors housing market from the perspective of one of the largest commercial banks.  Read More

Ken Assiran, Capital Health GroupKen Assiran
Managing Principal,
Capital Health Group

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Ken Assiran, Managing Principal of Capital Health Group, discusses what makes an assisted living facility successful, acquisitions, seniors housing management, and more. Read More

Alex Chavez, CapitalSourceAlex Chavez
Managing Director, Healthcare Real Estate,

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Alex Chavez, Managing Director of Healthcare Real Estate at CapitalSource, discusses lending in the current economic situation, rates, operating as a bank, and more. Read More

Sharon Yester, CNL Financial GroupSharon Yester
Head of Asset Management,
CNL Financial Group

In this “Expert Opinion” interview with Sharon Yester, Head of Asset Management at CNL Financial Group, Steve Monroe and Sharon discuss CNL, high end senior living communities, memory care, REITs and more. Read More

Brian Reynolds, Capital Funding GroupBrian Reynolds
Managing Director,
Capital Funding Group

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Brian Reynolds, Managing Director of Capital Funding Group, discusses the seniors housing and care industry from the viewpoint of one of the largest HUD lenders in the market. Topics include finding business, HUD, skilled nursing, and more. Read More

Phil Anderson, Cushman WakefieldPhil Anderson
Senior Managing Director,
Cushman & Wakefield Sonnenblick-Goldman

In this “Expert Opinion” interview with Phil Anderson, Senior Managing Director; and Rick Swartz, Executive Vice President of Cushman & Wakefield Sonnenblick-Goldman, these industry leaders discuss debt and equity for seniors housing, the recent success of senior housing health care REITS, past acquisitions and more. Read More
Rick Swartz, Cushman Wakefield


Rick Swartz
Executive Vice President,
Cushman & Wakefield Sonnenblick-Goldman



Paul Diaz, Kindred HealthcarePaul Diaz
Kindred Healthcare

In this "Expert Opinion" interview,  Paul Diaz, CEO of Kindred Healthcare, discusses the importance of efficient short term care in skilled nursing, Medicaid rates, the CMS 11.1% Medicare rate cut, and more. Read More

Ben Klein, Platinum HealthBen Klein
Founder and CEO,
Platinum Health, LLC

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Ben Klein, CEO and founder of Platinum Health, discusses distressed and underperforming seniors housing properties and what his company looks for in profitable turnaround properties. Read More

 Marc Thompson, Bank of the West
Marc Thompson
Senior VP and Manager, REID Healthcare Unit,
Bank of West

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Marc Thompson, the manager of health care lending at Bank of the West, discusses how the rise in occupancy is drawing more interest in new developments for properties. Read More

Steven Insoft, Aviv REIT

Steven Insoft
Chief Financial Officer,

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Steven Insoft, CFO of Aviv REIT, discusses the explosive activity in the health care REIT market over the last several months. Read More

 Dan Biron, Lancaster Pollard

Daniel J. Biron
Managing Director, Health Care Programs
Lancaster Pollard Mortgage Company

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Dan Biron, managing director and head of health care platforms at Lancaster Pollard, discusses topical areas in seniors housing finance, specifically tax exempt bonds, HUD, and Fannie Mae. Read More

Rick Matros, Sabra Health Care REITRick Matros
Chairman, President and CEO

Sabra Health Care REIT

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Rick Matros, CEO of Sabra Health Care REIT, discusses the dramatic increase in market activity in the health care REIT sector. Read More

Chuck Herman, Health Care REITCharles Herman
Executive VP and Chief Investment Officer
Health Care REIT

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Chuck Herman, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Health Care REIT, discusses the rapid growth of the health care REIT industry over the past month. Read More



Arnold Whitman, Formation CapitalArnold Whitman
Formation Capital

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Arnold Whitman, CEO of Formation Capital, discusses the announced sale of his Genesis HealthCare properties to Health Care REIT and the dramatic surge in the marketplace for REITs.  Read More



Tim Lex, Oxford FinanceTimothy A. Lex
Oxford Finance

In this "Expert Opinion" interview,Tim Lex, COO of Oxford Finance, discusses his company’s start in the senior housing market and their extensive growth plans for the next five years. Read More

David Schless, American Seniors Housing AssociationDavid Schless
American Seniors Housing Association

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, David Schless, President of the American Seniors Housing Association, discusses the influence the current political climate has on the seniors housing industry. Read More

Arnold Whitman, Formation Capital

Arnold Whitman
Formation Capital

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Arnold Whitman, CEO of Formation Capital, discusses the tremendous future of the skilled nursing industry and how the modernization of the sector will contribute to its future success.  Read More

Matthew Whitlock, CB Richard Ellis

Matthew Whitlock
Senior Vice President
CB Richard Ellis

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Matthew Whitlock, Senior Vice President of CB Richard Ellis, discusses how the seniors housing M&A market is beginning to strengthen and draw the interest of financial investors and operators. Read More

Gene Grace, Grace ManagementGene Grace, CPM
Grace Management, Inc.

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Gene Grace, President of Grace Management, discusses some of the issues regarding troubled properties in the seniors housing market over the last few years and what’s involved in the management process. Read More

Kathryn Burton Gray, CIT HealthcareKathryn Burton Gray
Managing Director, Long-Term Care and Real Estate
CIT Healthcare

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Kathryn Burton Gray, Managing Director of CIT Healthcare, discusses some of their lending activities and strategies in the skilled nursing and assisted living markets since the company’s restructuring in 2009. Read More

Gray Hampton, Bank of America Merrill LynchGray W. Hampton
Managing Director
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Gray W. Hampton III, Managing Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, discusses the capital-raising opportunities and the M&A market in seniors housing & care since the Wall Street crisis. Read More

Justin Hutchens, National Health InvestorsJ. Justin Hutchens
President and COO,
National Health Investors

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Justin Hutchens, President and COO of National Health Investors, discusses the REIT’s investing expectations over the next 12 – 18 months in the M&A market for seniors housing and care. Read More

Kathy Sweeney, Milford Senior Housing AdvisorKathryn Sweeney
Milford Senior Housing Advisers LLC

In this "Expert Opinion,” Kathy Sweeney, Principal of Milford Senior Housing Advisers, LLC, discusses the issue of accessing capital and provides some solutions to some of the capital problems for the senior housing industry. Read More

Elias Papasavvas, Elderlife FinancialElias Papasavvas
CEO and Founder,
Elderlife Financial

In this "Expert Opinion", Elias Papasavvas, CEO and founder of Elderlife Financial, discusses with Steve Monroe the issue of occupancy in today's senior housing market and the ways that people can increase and fill their beds and units. Read More

Margaret Wylde, ProMatura GroupMargaret Wylde
President and CEO,
ProMatura Group

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Margaret Wylde, President and CEO of ProMatura Group, discusses the seniors housing industry and the fundamental changes seen in the last few years as a result of the economic upheaval. Read More

Doug Bath, Walker DunlopDoug Bath
Health Care Financin Group Chief,
Walker & Dunlop

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Doug Bath, group head of Health Care Finance at Walker & Dunlop,  discusses the hot topic of financing in today’s senior housing and care market, and what the options are for borrowers who are interested in either construction or acquisition financing. Read More

Patrick Hurst, Houlihan LokeyPatrick Hurst
National Director,
Houlihan Lokey

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Patrick Hurst, National Director of Houlihan Lokey’s Healthcare Group, discusses the current merger and acquisition market, private equity companies coming into the market and what effects they’re having for acquisitions in the senior care market. Read More

Len Lucas, Love Funding CompanyLen Lucas
Vice President,
Love Funding Corporation

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Len Lucas of Love Funding Corporation discusses the lending market and senior care over the past 12 – 18 months and how the new HUD Lean Program has been dominating the lending market. Read More

David Reis, Senior Care DevelopmentDavid Reis
Senior Care Development

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, David Reis, CEO of Senior Care Development, discusses what's happening in the CCRC market today and what long term effects market conditions are having on both for-profit and not-for-profit developers. Read More

Mark Myers, Marcus MillichapMark Myers
Senior VP Investments/
Senior Director,
Marcus & Millichap

Jacob Gehl, Marcus MillichapJacob Gehl
VP Investments,
Marcus & Millichap

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Mark Myers and Jacob Gehl of Marcus & Millichap discuss the turmoil in the seniors housing acquisition market in 2009, what happened with the buyers and sellers, and what we can expect for 2010. Read More

Bob Kramer, NICBob Kramer
Founder and President,

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Bob Kramer discusses some of the results of recent NIC studies as well as the new young executive leadership program. Read More



Bill Sim, Herbert J. SimsBill Sims
Herbert J. Sims

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Bill Sims talks about the state of the tax-exempt bond market for seniors housing providers and a new bond isue for CCRC expansion in Connecticut. Read More


Hedy Rubinger, Arnall Golden Gregory LLPHedy Rubinger
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Hedy Rubinger discusses what it takes to bring an acquisition through the regulatory approval process and what has changed over the years, sharing her 20+ years of experience as an attorney specializing in long-term care regulatory law. Read More


Ryan Saul, Senior Living Investment Brokerage

Ryan Saul
Managing Director,
Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc.

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Ryan Saul discusses the major reasons the not-for-profit providers they've represented have been selling over the past few years and whether the sellers are willing to provide financing in this capital environment. Read More

Scott Stewart, Carlyle Senior HousingScott Stewart
Founder and Managing Partner,
Carlyle Seniors Housing

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Scott Stewart talks about the recent acquisitions and subsequent sales for Carlyle Seniors Housing, and the developing opportunities in today’s market. Read More

Kevin McMeen
President of Real Estate,
MidCap Financial

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Kevin McMeen talks about the lending environment for MidCap Financial, how it has been to start up a new lending platform and what types of loans they are interested in funding. Read More

Brian Beckwith
Senior Managing Director,
GE Healthcare Financial Services

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Brian Beckwith discusses his view of the lending market, what GE is interested in doing and what their lending volume will be for 2009 and into 2010. Read More

Richard K. Matros, Sun Healthcare Group

Richard K. Matros
Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Rick Matros discusses some of the major issues impacting skilled nursing providers, including reimbursement, health care reform, dealing with Congress and the acquisition market environment. Read More

Curt Schaller, Focus Healthcare PartnersCurt Schaller
Focus Healthcare Partners

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Curt Schaller discusses the formation of his new private equity investment company with partner Paul Froning, the types of investment opportunities they will be looking at, the time horizon for these investments and why this is a great time to be a buyer. Read More

Larry Cohen, Capital Senior Living

Larry Cohen
Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO,
Capital Senior Living

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Larry Cohen discusses some of the current trends in the seniors housing industry and how Capital Senior Living has adjusted its model and expanded its operations to deal with changes in the marketplace. Read More

Steve Gilleland, CapitalSourceSteve Gilleland
Director, Healthcare Real Estate,


In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Steve Gilleland discusses the state of the lending market and some of CapitalSource’s loan programs, what types of borrowers are looking for capital and how he sees his loan volume in the next year or two. Read More

Doug Korey, Contemporary Healthcare CapitalDoug Korey
Managing Director and Partner,
Contemporary Healthcare Capital, LLC

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Doug Korey discusses the important role of Contemporary Healthcare Capital (CHC) in helping provide acquisition financing, mezzanine financing and construction financing to the seniors housing industry at a time when other lenders are scaling back. Read More


Jerry Doctrow, Stifel NicolausJerry Doctrow, 
Managing Director,
Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Steve Monroe caught up with Jerry Doctrow at the NIC Conference in September. In this latest "Expert Opinion" interview, Doctrow talks about investors' concerns with occupancy levels in seniors housing, significant swings in stock values over the past month and the future of seniors housing stock. Read More

Angela Mago, Key Bank Real Estate Capital-Healthcare GroupAngela Mago,
Senior Vice President
& National Manager,
Key Bank Real Estate
Capital-Healthcare Group

Steve Monroe talked with Angela Mago of Key Bank Real Estate-Healthcare Group recently about the type of lending opportunities she is seeking, her thoughts on the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how current marketing conditions are affecting the seniors housing sector of the industry. Read More

Larry Minnix, American Association of Homes and Services for the AgingLarry Minnix,
President and CEO,
American Association of Homes
and Services for the Aging

In this “Expert Opinion” interview, Larry Minnix details AAHSA’s proposal to dramatically alter the way America approaches and finances long-term health care for the elderly. Read More

Elsie Norton, ACTS Retirement Life CommunitiesElsie Norton,
Senior Vice President for Quality Care,
ACTS Retirement Life Communities

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Senior Living Business Editor Jane Zarem talks with Elsie Norton about ACTS' culture change initiative, the ACTS "Signature Experience." Read More


Andrew Banoff, Jewish Home for the ElderlyAndrew Banoff,
President and CEO,
Jewish Home for the Elderly

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Andrew Banoff explains alternative ownership structures and the innovative option that will allow the Jewish Home for the Elderly to expand its facility and services in an area where land is limited and costly. Read More

Debbie Burkart, National Equity FundDeborah Burkart,
VP and National Director:
Supportive Housing and Assisted Living,
National Equity Fund, Inc.

Innovative financing packages utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credit program equity are at the forefront of affordable senior housing success stories. In this “Expert Opinion,” Deborah Burkart explains this program. Read More

John Cobb, GE HealthcareJohn Cobb,
Managing Director of Long-Term Care,
GE Healthcare Financial Services

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, John Cobb analyzes the senior housing market in the months following the credit market crisis, and discusses what forces would help jump-start the industry again.
Read More

Maria B. Dwight, Gerontological ServicesMaria B. Dwight,
Founder, President and CEO,
Gerontological Services, Inc.

What do current and future seniors want from their retirement, in both lifestyle and health care? Maria Dwight, a leading industry consultant with 40 years of experience asking those very questions, has the answers. Read More

Grant Kief,
Senior Living Investment Brokerage
What will 2008 bring for both buyers and sellers in the senior housing market? Grant Kief, the president of Senior Living Investment Brokerage, shares his thoughts in this "Expert Opinion" interview. Read More

Rob Mains, Ryan Beck and CompanyRob Mains,
Manging Director

and Equity Analyst,
Ryan Beck & Co.

Why are health care REIT stocks performing so well in 2006? Should more of them diversify into the medical office building market? Do the differences in dividend yield among the health care REITs mean there is a difference in risk? In this "Expert Opinion" Interview, Rob Mains, Beck & Co.’s top equity analyst, discusses the current market. Read More


Frank Morgan, Jeffries and Co.Frank G. Morgan, CFA
Managing Director, Equity Research
Jefferies & Company, Inc.

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, analyst Frank Morgan of Jefferies & Company examines the market forces that sparked the volatility in seniors housing stocks this year, and what lies ahead for the industry.
Read More

Jim Pieczynski, CapitalSourceJim Pieczynski,
Co-President of Healthcare and

Specialty Finance Business,
CapitalSource Inc.

Steve Gilleland, CapitalSourceSteve Gilleland,
Director of Healthcare Real Estate,
CapitalSource Inc.

What's ahead for the seniors housing industry, given the recent credit market meltdown and the increased scrutiny of private equity deals? Jim Pieczynski and Steve Gilleland, top healthcare real estate executives with CapitalSource Inc., tackle those questions and more. Read More

Brian Pollard, Lancaster PollardT. Brian Pollard,
President and Senior Managing Director,
Lancaster Pollard 

In this "Expert Opinion" interview, Kate Upson, Director of Broadcasting for Irving Levin Associates, talked to Brian Pollard, President and Senior Managing Director of Lancaster Pollard, about his views on the general health of the senior living and senior care markets. Read More

David Schless, American Seniors Housing AssociationDavid Schless,
American Seniors Housing Association

The American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) has become a leading lobbyist for issues affecting its industry. With a PAC balance that is double what it was a year ago, they have become a force on the Hill. Hear what ASHA president David Schless has to say about the issues and what ASHA is doing about them.
Read More

Tiffany Tomasso, Sunrise Senior Living

Tiffany Tomasso,
Chief Operating Officer,
Sunrise Senior Living 

Sunrise Senior Living has changed dramatically since the current Chief Operating Officer, Tiffany Tomasso, came on board, and the company is now one of the largest seniors housing operators in the country. Listen to Ms. Tomasso talk about the changes, the expansion into ancillary service businesses and integrating acquisitions from an operating perspective. Read More