1306_cmoore_0Managing Director of Agency Finance, Lancaster Pollard

Casey Moore is a managing director of agency finance at Lancaster Pollard, a national investment banking and financial services firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Lancaster Pollard specializes in providing capital funding to the senior living, health care and affordable housing sectors. In addition to underwriting tax-exempt bond offerings, Lancaster Pollard provides a complete range of funding alternatives through its HUD-FHA/GNMA/FNMA/USDAapproved, mortgage lender subsidiary. It can also provide bridge-to-agency lending, private equity, balance sheet lending and M&A services. Mr. Moore is responsible for driving agency opportunities through a dedicated effort with Lancaster Pollard’s regional banking staff. Mr. Moore has previously served as a director at Berkeley Point Capital LLC. He has also experience working at Prudential Mortgage Capital Company as a principal, as well as Red Capital as a senior managing director. Mr. Moore earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Texas in biology. He received his master’s degree in business administration from Boston College. Mr. Moore will be based out of the firm’s Columbus office.