Vice President, Ponder & Co.

Christopher Schoeplein is Vice President and Advisor at Ponder & Co., a leading financial and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry.  He has over 12 years of experience advising hospitals and health systems in strategic decisions and has been involved in over 20 mergers involving total revenues in excess of $6 billion.  Prior to Ponder, Mr. Schoeplein was a consultant at Health Care Futures, LP, a strategy and management consulting firm specializing in not-for-profit healthcare systems. He focused on joint venture development, mergers and acquisitions, capital planning and financial feasibility studies concentrating in financial modeling customized to individual client strategy and positioning.

Mr. Schoeplein is a graduate from St. Louis University, with a degree in Finance.  He is a member of the Health Financial Management Association (HFMA) and has been published in in HFMA’s Strategic Financial Planning newsletter and various other publications.