1310emcrobertsPartner, RLPS Architects

Eric McRoberts, AIA, a partner in the architectural firm of RLPS Architects, has been involved in the design of award-winning seniors’ housing and long-term care environments for more than 20 years. He has served as lead designer on four projects that garnered top honors for the prestigious AIA/AAHSA Design for Aging Review and provides a clear understanding of how the built environment impacts an aging population. Central to his work has been the creation of innovative memory care facilities for environmental therapy, the development of non-institutional nursing care models and the integration of architecture with the natural environment. Eric has served as a speaker focusing on senior living environments at numerous state, national and international conferences and has authored articles focusing on effective design solutions for senior populations. He is also a member and past chairperson of the AIA Design For Aging Knowledge Community Advisory Group. He is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia.