Internships for College Students and Recent Graduates
For over 60 years, Irving Levin Associates has been providing Wall Street investors, senior care providers and health care executives with timely, accurate and reliable market intelligence. Whether it’s the Healthcare M&A or Senior care industry, our award winning publications cover mergers and acquisitions, mortgage financing, private placements, IPOs and secondary offerings, as well as critical information on growth strategies and best practices for each industry.
Be an essential part of our team as an intern for our business-to-business publishing company located at 268 ½ Main Avenue in Norwalk, CT.
Each Intern will be paid from $12-$13 per hour depending upon the experience of the intern, the specific job and the level of productivity.
The interns must have good computer skills and be detail oriented. Each intern must commit to a minimum of 20 hours per week and can sign up for a minimum of four weeks over the course of the spring, summer or fall sessions. The size of the program ranges from 2-10 interns.
Interns will work on a variety of projects including guerilla marketing, audio visual production, mailings, and strategy development. For guerilla marketing, each intern will be assigned a batch of names to research, input the names into Excel if necessary, and deliver the fully researched names to us upon completion. Some projects may also require telephone work.
If interested in applying for an intern position, please email Nicole Gavin: Admissions for the intern positions are on a rolling basis. A mandatory training session will be held at the beginning of each session.

Current Deadlines
Spring: February-May (Deadline to apply: January 15th)
Summer: May-July (Deadline to apply: March 31st)
Fall: September-December