jpettyCEO, Wesley Enhanced Living

Since joining Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) in 2003, Jeff Petty has grown the organization from annual revenues of $35 million to over $55 million. Under his leadership, the organization has expanded its family of senior living communities and has completed $80 million in renovation projects.

An industry leader and visionary with an incisive understanding of the economic challenges in the aging services industry, Petty has created WEL SHIFT (Wesley Enhanced Living’s Senior Health and Housing Initiative for Transformation), a new senior health and housing services delivery model that is more responsive to seniors’ needs, more accessible to the growing aging population, and a more efficient use of taxpayer resources.

Most recently, Petty’s work on Medicare and Medicaid reform with Pennsylvania Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick has resulted in the introduction of the Medicare Residential Care Coordination Act in H.R. Bill 2376. The Bill, which empowers states to develop new approaches to senior health and housing, will enable the WEL SHIFT model to be demonstrated.

Petty joined Wesley Enhanced Living with more than a decade of expertise in finance and operations. In the early part of his career he served in an executive finance role for a Fortune 300, $2.4 billion organization. Subsequently, he was appointed as chief of operations and finance for several large, multi-facility senior services providers at which he made significant progress in improving the financial health and operational efficiency for each organization.

Petty holds a M.S. degree in industrial administration from Carnegie-Mellon University and a B.S. degree in operations research from Cornell University.