1107finisCEO, Pathway Senior Living LLC.

Jerome Finis, CEO, Pathway Senior Living LLC. As CEO of Pathway Senior Living, Jerry has over 25 years’ experience as a developer, owner and manager of multi-family and seniors’ housing throughout the Midwest. His knowledge and insight in finance has enabled Pathway to successfully execute difficult development and acquisition deals that are otherwise passed over by other operators. As a result of his efforts, Pathway is one of the only developers in the nation using tax credits to build affordable assisted living targeting mixed-income residents. Jerry is a board member of the American Seniors Housing Association, a board member of the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition, sits on the Legislative Roundtable for the Assisted Living Federation of America. He is Treasurer and Past President of the Real Estate Investment Association and is a member of its National Executive Committee. He is a member of the Affordable Assisted Living Finance Work Group sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and also served as Chairman of the Village of Inverness’s Zoning Board of Appeals. Jerry earned an MBA from Northwestern University, majoring in both real estate and finance.