1406bjmengesCEO, The Menges Group

Joel Menges career focus is on coordinated care programs for high-need populations. He has led hundreds of consulting engagements that involve the design, development, improvement or evaluation of coordinated care programs, including Medicaid initiatives in more than 30 states. Joel has worked extensively for Medicaid agencies and other state clients, for health plans, and for several trade associations. He has played a significant role in the design of many states’ coordinated care programs and has assisted many health plans in entering new states and maintaining their presence in existing markets. Joel has also served as lead author of a wide array of policy papers that have shaped and expanded the role of coordinated care for high-need populations.

Joel has a strong and compassionate commitment to improving health status and quality of life for high-need populations, to using taxpayer funds as efficiently as possible, and to replacing traditional fee-for-service coverage models as well as ineffective coordinated care programs with highly effective coordinated care approaches.