CEO, The Roche Associates Inc.

Since starting The Roche Associates in 1981, Mr. Roche has managed in over 850 consulting engagements ranging from feasibility analysis, to due diligence endeavors, to Certificate of Need prepara­tion, to strategic plan development, to community organization and public relations, to marketing, to market research and management consultation.  These engagements have involved the planning, development, marketing, acquisition or sale of over $3.5 billion worth of senior living facility products and services.

Joseph L. Roche has organized, structured, managed, and implemented over 600 distinct planning, marketing and sales campaigns for a variety of products and services in the private and public sectors over the past 37 years. He has collaborated and advised with over 20 different companies, including Keybank, Benchmark Assisted Living, Capital Health Group, and others to help them define, present, overcome objections and sell their products, programs and services.

During these business engagements, Mr. Roche has trained over 25,000 individuals in various aspects of marketing and selling, created hundreds of distinct direct mail communications, overseen the fulfillment of approximately 2 million direct mail pieces, and supervised over 1,950,000 telemarketing calls. In terms of generating sales traffic and inquiries for its clients, Joe’s firm has generated over 200,000 age- and income-qualified prospective residents and customers to attend programs and functions held at its client senior living communities. Most importantly The Roche Associates has helped its senior living community and nursing care clients capture over 20,000 residents during its 36-year history.

Mr. Roche is a graduate of Dayton University and holds a Masters Degree in Community Organization and Planning from the University of Illinois.