Founded in 1998, Kindred Healthcare is one of the largest long-term health care providers in the US. Kindred owns some of its facilities, but operates most of them under lease agreements with Ventas and other third parties. Kindred also operates a contract rehabilitation therapy business, which serves its own and other long-term care facilities, through its Peoplefirst Rehabilitation division.
Kindred, a healthcare services company, operates hospitals, nursing centers and a contract rehabilitation services business across the United States through its subsidiaries. Kindred also operates a contract rehabilitation services business that provides rehabilitative services primarily in long-term care settings.
Kindred’s health services division, which accounts for more than 40% of sales, operates nursing home facilities and provides specialized treatment for certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Kindred also provides rehabilitative care, often through contracts with Kindred’s own rehabilitation division. (About 75% of the rehab unit’s sales come from such contracts.)
The company’s hospital division includes both freestanding hospitals and “hospitals-within-hospitals”, which are co-located with short-term acute care facilities and sometimes receive patients as they are discharged from the host facility. All of Kindred’s hospitals care for patients with complex medical conditions: those who are recovering from major surgery, are experiencing multiple organ failure, or have brain or spinal cord injuries, for instance.
Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements make up nearly three-fourths of Kindred’s revenue, and the company is looking for ways to increase admissions (particularly in its hospital division) of patients with commercial insurance, which reimburses at higher rates.
Corporate Headquarters
680 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Phone: 502-596-7300
Toll-Free: 800-545-0749
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