1304_lpetersonFounder, Collaborative Consulting

Lori Peterson has been involved in the healthcare industry for over 22 years with a honed expertise in post –acute and long term care. She has served in several capacities including business development, strategic partnerships, operations, training, and development. She is active in the aging services community and highly motivated to improve and foster progressive change within elder care. She has numerous affiliations and established connections within the industry and utilizes various methodologies and approaches to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships.

Lori founded Collaborative Consulting with the vision of convening healthcare organizations across the care continuum to accelerate change, enhance services, and inspire new offerings through the vehicles of partnership and collaboration. This is primarily achieved through a team of advisors and consultants (the collaborators) who combine their multiple areas of expertise and work in tandem with groups of clients to provide connections, strategy refinements, facilitation, and step-by-step support in defining and generating the desired result while balancing between the core business and the parallel strategy of reinvention

Current projects include working with providers across the care continuum to develop new services including hospital and community-based transitional care programs, care coordination services and strategic alliances that optimize integration of combined skills and resources. In addition, Lori as recently has been involved in guiding client teams through the application process for the CMS Community-Based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) of which five communities have been awarded funding and working with clients on the CMS Innovation Challenge and the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative (model 3).

Lori received her Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University in Physiology and her Master of Arts from Sonoma State in Psychology.