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NORWALK, CT –July 6, 2016- Irving Levin Associates, Inc. will host an important webinar— MACRA: Disruption in the Health Care M&A Market —on Thursday, July 21, 2016, at 1:00 PM ET. The webinar is part of the Interactive Webinar Series.
The Medicare Access & CHIP Replacement Act of 2015 (MACRA) was passed in April 2015 with bipartisan support. It wasn’t until CMS published proposed rules in May 2016 that healthcare investors began to take notice. As designed, the rules will drive swift changes in reimbursement to healthcare providers, including physicians and health systems. Providers are asked to assume more risk, and may turn to health plans and other payers to bear some of the burden.
Lisa Phillips, Editorial Director of The Health Care M&A Information Source and moderator of the panel, will pose topical questions such as: How will MACRA change the healthcare delivery system, starting in 2017? Will some who can’t deal with the disruption just bail out of the healthcare market? How many sectors will feel this disruption, and at what cost? Finally, what will MACRA’s impact be on acquisition values and volume? Our panel of experts will include Dr. David Friend, Managing Director and Chief Transformation Officer, BDO Consulting, Hedy Rubinger, Chair of Healthcare/Life Sciences Practice Group, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, and the rest to be determined.

“MACRA: Disruption in the Health Care M&A Market” is expected to generate an informative discussion. If you’re interested in this topic, then you won’t want to miss the webinar on Thursday, July 21, at 1:00 pm ET.
Please visit or call 203-846-6800 for more information about this interactive webinar.

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