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Norwalk, CT – June 30, 2011 – The SeniorCare Investor is hosting a fast-paced online conference on Thursday, July 28th to discuss the expansion of the affordable seniors housing market and the subsequent opportunities that are opening up for potential operators and developers. The conference will examine if now is an ideal time for for-profit providers, affordable multifamily housing developers, and seniors housing developers to explore the affordable seniors housing market. Demographic projections indicate this market will be the fastest growing in coming years, thus forcing all seniors housing providers to follow what’s happening.

The moderator of the conference, Stephen M. Monroe, Editor of The SeniorCare Investor and The Senior Care Acquisition Report, will pose topical questions including: How do you make money in the affordable seniors housing market, and how do you finance the development projects? Should affordable multifamily housing developers get into the affordable seniors housing business?  Is now the right time to get into the market?  How do I get started?  How is it different from the more luxury-oriented senior housing communities that have been developed? How do you build a community that is “affordable” yet one that will attract demand?

Our hand-selected panel of seniors housing experts will address these issues and answer any pressing questions the audience chooses to submit.

The publisher of The SeniorCare Investor, Eleanor B. Meredith, invites you to take part in this online conference entitled, “How to Profit from the Growing Affordable Seniors Housing Market.” The low and middle income market for seniors housing has been largely ignored in the past. As this bracket grows, it will become more essential for providers and developers to understand the differences between affordable facilities and luxury oriented housing. The not-for-profit providers that currently fulfill the demand will most likely be unable to keep up with the massive growth that is projected. This is a market that will be relevant to everyone in the seniors housing industry, and perhaps many developers not yet in the seniors housing industry.

This online conference, hosted by The SeniorCare Investor, is expected to generate a stimulating discussion on what to do about the growth of the affordable seniors housing market. If you’re interested in financing or investing in skilled nursing, assisted living or independent living facilities, you won’t want to miss this fast-paced online conference entitled, “How to Profit from the Growing Affordable Seniors Housing Market,” on Thursday, July 28th at 1:00 pm ET.

The SeniorCare Investor is published by Irving Levin Associates, Inc., founded in 1948 and the leading publisher of newsletters, reports and online data on mergers and acquisitions data in the seniors housing and health care industry. 

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