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Norwalk, CT – January 17, 2012 – Senior Living Business Interactive will be looking into the future economic recovery to guide senior living professionals toward successful practices, during an online conference on Thursday, January 26th.  As the senior living industry expands to accommodate a surging population amidst an uncertain economy and future recovery, seniors are being offered more choices than ever. Some organizations have repositioned themselves and gained market share during economic uncertainty. At this online conference, senior living professionals will hear their story. A panel of industry insiders will examine what is happening in the senior living market right now with respect to the overall economy, where it is headed, and will reveal crucial information to help steer seniors housing and care professionals in the right direction.

The moderator of the conference, Brian Schiff, Senior Vice President of Planning and Financial Services, Greystone Communities, will pose topical questions including: How will economic recovery impact or alter the senior living landscape? What type of successful positioning efforts or other innovative approaches do communities and organizations do to undertake current economic challenges? How do projects or approaches differ from what communities might have done in a more robust economy?

Our hand-selected panel of seniors living experts will address these strategies and answer any pressing questions the audience chooses to submit, they include: Troy Hart, President, Santa Fe Senior Living; Ron Jennette, President and CEO, Methodist Retirement Communities; and Scott Rasner, Senior Vice President, SFCS.

The editor of Senior Living Business Interactive, Jane E. Zarem, invites you to take part in this must-see online conference. Providers must position their organizations to survive and compete in this challenging new environment.  Our panel of experts will identify strategies that can help your organization thrive as the economy recovers. Find out how to lay the groundwork for success. Hear from providers who have been moving forward and gaining market share.

This online conference, hosted by Senior Living Business Interactive, is expected to generate a stimulating discussion.  If you’re interested in business models, strategies, or investing in the senior living industry, you won’t want to miss this crucial online conference entitled, ‘Own the Future: Key Strategies for Success During Economic Recovery’ on Thursday, January 26th at 1:00 pm ET.

Senior Living Business Interactive is published by Irving Levin Associates, Inc., founded in 1948 and the leading publisher of newsletters, reports and online data on mergers and acquisitions data in the seniors housing and health care industry. 

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