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NORWALK, CT – October 30, 2013 – Irving Levin Associates, Inc. will be hosting an important webcast to address buying, selling and valuing assisted living facilities on Thursday, November 14, 2013. The webcast is sponsored by Lancaster Pollard, the Ohio-based investment banking firm. In 2012, assisted living communities set a new pricing record at an average price of $164,000 per unit, which topped the previous record set in 2007. Many factors enabled this to happen such as a drop in cap rates, an increase in lenders in the market, higher quality properties and portfolios on the market and many more aggressive buyers, including the smaller REITs and private equity firms. We will look at the impact of a resuscitated development market on current and future values. There is a fear that with so much new development in certain markets, and with new developers entering the market, the assisted living sector may be faced with another round of overbuilding. Would this take all values down as buyers and lenders pull back? Will the new properties be the winners as they out-compete the 1990s vintage communities, which at the time were state-of-the-art? No one knows the answer, but we will have a healthy discussion of what the real risks are, if any.

The moderator of the webcast, Stephen Monroe, Managing Editor and Partner, Irving Levin Associates, Inc., will pose topical questions including: Has the increase in interest rates since last May put a halt to the declining cap rate scenario? Have buyers taken a step back to question whether sub-6% cap rates make sense in a market where acuity levels are rising and interest rates have risen? Without a drop in interest rates back to pre-May 2013 levels, is there anything that could drive cap rates downward to drive average prices up?

Our hand-selected panel of experts will address these issues and others—and answer any pressing questions the audience chooses to submit. Our experts include: Paul Dendy, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC; Todd Jensen, Chief Investment Officer, ARC Healthcare Advisors, American Realty Capital; Alan Plush, Senior Partner, HealthTrust LLC; and Scott Stewart, Managing Partner, Capitol Seniors Housing.

Founded in 1948, Irving Levin Associates, Inc. is the leading publisher of newsletters, reports and online data on mergers and acquisitions data in the seniors housing and health care industry. Irving Levin Associates invites you to take part in this can’t-miss webcast. This webcast will determine if this is a good time to buy or sell and try to determine where values are heading in this growing and dynamic market.“

Assisted Living Facilities: Buying, Selling and Valuing”, sponsored by Lancaster Pollard is expected to generate a stimulating discussion. If you’re interested in M&A in this sector, then you won’t want to miss this interactive webcast on Thursday, November 14, at 1:00 pm ET.

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