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NORWALK, CT – April 24, 2014 – Irving Levin Associates, Inc. will host an important webcast on Thursday, May 15, 2014, at 1:00 PM ET to address marketing strategies to improve or maintain occupancy in senior living communities. This webcast is part of the Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series.

Occupancy levels are crawling back to pre-2008 levels in most locations, but no one takes “full occupancy” for granted anymore. Consumers have changed, too. The new generation of prospects—and their family members—will want new environments, active lifestyles, and engaging activities. And they’ll expect to know exactly what they’re contracting for in terms of costs, options, and care.

Bill Pemberton, Vice President of Strategic Communications at Forté Group, Inc., will moderate the webcast, which will address topical issues such as: How must a provider change/improve/rebrand its offerings to gain a competitive edge in today’s senior living market? What techniques and tools are successful communities using to identify and attract prospective residents…and influencers? How are communities getting prospects to move in? And what are best-practice guidelines for clearly explaining the lifestyle, the programs, the deal…the value?

Our hand-selected panel of experts will discuss all of these issues and more and answer any pressing questions that the audience chooses to submit. Our experts include: Zach Bowyer, Managing Director, CBRE, Inc.; Bruce Byers, Senior Vice President, Greystone; and Rob Love, President, Love & Company.

The Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series is produced by Irving Levin Associates, Inc. Founded in 1948, Irving Levin Associates, Inc. is the leading publisher of newsletters, reports and online data on mergers and acquisitions in the seniors housing and health-care industries. Irving Levin Associates invites you to take part in this don’t-miss webcast to learn more about relevant marketing strategies to improve or maintain occupancy in your community.

“Marketing Strategies to Improve—or Maintain—Occupancy,” part of the Senior Living Business Interactive Webcast Series, is expected to generate a stimulating discussion. If you’re interested in occupancy rates—and marketing strategies—then you won’t want to miss this webcast on Thursday, May 15, at
1:00 pm ET.

Please visit or call 800-248-1668 for more information about this interactive webcast.
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