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Seniorcare Investor Wins Top Award At The 30th Annual International Publishing Competition
NORWALK, CT – June 26, 2006 – The SeniorCare Investor , the leader in breaking news in the senior care market, won another prestigious award for its audio conference series. This top award was presented by the Specialized Information Publishers Association at the 30th Annual International Conference held this June in Washington, DC.
The audio conference entitled “Stay Grounded in a Runaway Market: A Mid-Year Look at the Senior Care Investment Market” had a spirited and interactive format that attracted a record number of attendees in this business-to-business market. The featured panelists included: Bill Colson, President and CEO of Holiday Retirement Corporation, Pat Mulloy, former President and CEO of LifeTrust America, Taylor Pickett, President and CEO of Omega Healthcare Investors and Kevin McMeen, Director of Merrill Lynch Capital Healthcare Finance.
The audio conference series that is moderated by Stephen Monroe, the editor of The SeniorCare Investor newsletter, also won a Gold Award earlier in the year at the 33rd Annual Newsletter & Online Publishing Awards competition sponsored by The Newsletter on Newsletters.
Mr. Monroe, dubbed “Mr. Mergers,” was recently named one of the top 25 most influential leaders in long-term care by “Monroe follows virtually every acquisition in the long term care industry, often predicting some before the handshake is made,” according to their ranking editors. “I believe that what sets us apart from other news sources, such as the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times, is that we have been insiders in this tight-knit market for over 50 years. By the time the news is disseminated in the main stream press, the deal is already yesterday’s news,” according to Stephen Monroe.
Over the past three years, The SeniorCare Investor and its sister publications have won numerous publishing awards from the industry’s most prestigious organizations. “This hardworking newsletter reflects the changes that have occurred throughout the publishing world. It has evolved from a traditional print format as first published in the late 1960s to its current format as a cutting edge news source for the quickly growing senior care marketplace,” said Donna Devaul, Director of Marketing.
Since 1948, Irving Levin Associates has provided Wall Street, investors and health care executives with timely, accurate and reliable market intelligence on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, mortgage financing, private placements, IPOs and secondary offerings.
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