1206brlloydPresident and Founder, RDL Architects, Inc.

Ron Lloyd, President and Founder, RDL Architects, Inc. Ron is involved, invested and interactive with each RDLA client and project. As President he assumes ultimate responsibility across the firm’s Commercial, Residential and Planning Studios for achieving the highest goals set forth through efficient design. He is careful to blend the firm’s planning philosophies with vision, lending his expertise to details that delineate beauty. His involvement from vision to project completion is personal and thoughtful and ensures the built product respectfully serves both the present and future.

Ron is committed to leadership in sustainable design through continued support of staff training in LEED professional accreditation. Designing “Green Communities” through sustainable principles and practices are always encouraged and integrated through-out RDLA Design Studios. Additionally, Ron emphasizes pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods and adaptive re-use that creates a distinct sense of place and embraces connective, sustainable and smart growth principles.