Drew Sheinen

Vice President, Network Strategy and Development, Kindred Healthcare, Inc Drew joined Kindred in 2015, coming from Aetna Inc., where he has served as a Senior Vice President in the Accountable Care Solutions team. He has nationally recognized experience in building dynamic relationships between payors and providers. His background includes 15 years in Network Management and […]

Kindred Healthcare, Inc. (NYSE: KND)

Founded in 1998, Kindred Healthcare is one of the largest long-term health care providers in the US. Kindred owns some of its facilities, but operates most of them under lease agreements with Ventas and other third parties. Kindred also operates a contract rehabilitation therapy business, which serves its own and other long-term care facilities, through […]

Paul Diaz

President and Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Healthcare, Inc. Paul Diaz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Healthcare, Inc., joined the firm in January 2002 as President and COO. Kindred is one of the largest providers of health care services in the nation, with revenues in excess of $4 billion. Prior to joining Kindred, […]