The Shelter Group is a national real estate development and property management company specializing in multi-family and senior living rental communities. A leader in its industry, Shelter has developed or acquired a portfolio valued at over $1 billion and presently manages a $2 billion portfolio of apartment communities on its own behalf and for a wide range of other entities including institutional investors, private individuals, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies. This portfolio spans virtually every setting and market throughout the U.S — urban and suburban; low-rise and high-rise; luxury, market-rate, and affordable.
The Shelter Group specializes in putting together complex financings, achieving remarkable property turnarounds, developing and delivering properties that exceed expectations– on time and on budget.
Anticipating, not simply responding to, marketplace opportunities, Shelter has built a robust portfolio not only in conventional multi-family real estate, but also in senior housing, affordable housing for families and the elderly and assisted living facilities. Shelter’s acquisition, revitalization, and management of properties has been lauded by lenders, clients, and residents alike.
Formed in 1977, The Shelter Group is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

Corporate Headquarters
218 N. Charles St.
Ste. 220
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-962-0595
Fax: 410-347-0587