National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry

NIC’s mission is clearly focused on providing decision-makers with timely, practical data — the hard facts and intricate details essential for efficient flow of capital to all points all the continuum of seniors housing and long term care product types. Importantly, NIC serves the entire industry as an objective purveyor of information: NIC’s research and educational efforts are neither association-driven nor company-oriented. And, as an impartial observer and unbiased source, NIC has become the primary link between the financial markets and seniors housing development/operators, connecting each side through relevant research and practical information.


National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry

  • Good Occupancy News From NIC
    There was some good news on the occupancy front, according the data just released from NIC MAP, but the assisted living sector isn’t out of the woods yet. Sequentially, seniors housing (including independent living and assisted living) saw a 30-basis point increase in occupancy to 88.0% for properties... Read more
    Published on: October 11, 2019 By Ben Swett
  • Where Is the Seniors Housing Rebound?
    Seniors housing occupancy rates still remain low despite an apparent slowdown in new development. Whether you look at the total market, or simply the stabilized properties, second quarter occupancy took a small dip, according to recent numbers from NIC. Truth be told, I was hoping for a slight... Read more
    Published on: July 17, 2019 By Steve Monroe
  • Thoughts On NIC Conference
    New programming was just what the industry needed. Fresh from three days in San Diego attending the NIC “Spring” Conference, there were some noticeable changes, other than many new faces again. At past conferences, most of the sessions had to do with real estate, valuations, operations, competition and... Read more
    Published on: February 27, 2019 By Steve Monroe
  • NIC Takeaways
    Record NIC attendance hints at continued investor and lender interest in seniors housing and care. It was yet another record crowd at the NIC Conference, which brings up a point I kept on making. If the headwinds are so strong, on many fronts, why are there still so... Read more
    Published on: October 24, 2018 By Steve Monroe
  • NIC, Valuations and Big Deals
    Join me Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm as I moderate the NIC Valuations session. By the time you are watching this, I will be walking around the meeting rooms, receptions, and various sessions at the NIC Conference. And please join me today at 4:00 pm as I am... Read more
    Published on: October 17, 2018 By Steve Monroe

Bob Kramer

910kramerPresident of the National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care Industry

Bob Kramer is founder and president of the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC), a non-profit education and resource center that serves debt and equity investors interested in the seniors housing and long term care industry. Bob, a frequent writer and speaker on trends in seniors housing and long term care, has directed NIC since its inception in 1991.

A former county government official and Maryland state legislator, Bob was a leader on healthcare and environmental issues while representing the state capital of Annapolis in the 1980s. Bob was educated at Harvard and Oxford Universities and also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.

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